Friday, October 29, 2010

Facebook Friendship Pages

Facebook Friendship Pages
Facebook today is having more than 500 million active users around the world, which makes Facebook biggest social networking website on the internet. Facebook having all the features that can attract users all over the world including chat, Facebook live, messages, networks, groups, like pages, news feed, applications and many more other features. Now you will say what next? New Facebook Friendship pages is the anwser.

This new feature allow Facebook users to interact between themseleves and individual friends or between any two friends. Users will be able to see their posts on one another's walls.
 These new pages will gather all the public interactions between you and each of your friends back and forth wall posts, photos in which you're both tagged, and events you both attended and put them all in one convenient page. Freindship page will be visible to your friends who have the permission to view.

There wont be any privacy issues with this new feature as Freindship Page will be visible to your friends who have the permission to view. More than that, on Friendship Page you will be able to show all your interaction with your friends in form of snapshots or videos. This new feature sound really cool and Facebook did it again!!

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