Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ASUS Introduces circular WX-DL Touch sensitive wireless Mouse

It seem that Asus which is better know for their Motherboards, graphic cards, netbooks are now interested in peripherals like Mouse and Joy Stick (Asus Eee Stick) as the Asus deliver the new wireless WX-DL touch sensitive mouse.

 Asus made the first round body touch mouse resemble a UFO which change the traditional scroll wheel mouse. The name DL given to the mouse is stand for its designer name David Lewis. David gives the device a bit of a 90's look with a chrome finished exterior and dark accents.

Inspired by the designs of the Apple USB Mouse, the WX-DL wireless mouse has a round body that is slightly tilted at the back and fits ergonomically into the palm of the hand. The shape is different from Apple Magic Mouse but the functions is quit similar to it and it's a PC friendly alternative for System using Windows as it's compatible with Windows systems, from 2000 through to Windows 7.

 Asus WX-DL is 2.4GHz mouse uses touch sensitive controls and can read some gesture of hands. It also has active areas that function as remote control buttons for media players. It is an aluminium body mouse with a 1,200DPI laser sensor.The design of the device feel cool to touch as well as to eyes.

Its features include:
  • 1,200 DPI Laser sensor.
  • 2.4 GHz processing sped
  • Remote control buttons for media player
  • Widows compatibility
  • Aluminum body
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Cool design
  • Smooth and easy Navigation
This aluminum dish is available for sale at various vendors for roughly $79.

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