Monday, September 20, 2010

Google Voice iOS App Review

Google Voice iOS App Review
Users of web version of Google Voice application will get a pleasant experience to use this iOS version. It has some very nice feature like texting, receiving calls and deleting history. Users of  Google Voice app were waiting since long for this iOS version and they will not be disapointed when they use it. It is worth it to give a try as it will be a more pleasant experience than the web version of Google Voice.

“The ORIGINAL Google Voice app is back and better than ever!,” Kovacs is happy to announce on his app’s iTunes page. As this application launch in Canada and United Kingdom, user will not be able to make calls from their phone without an advance setup.
But user can send text messages using Google Voice account with this application.
User can dial numbers from iPhone address book, choosing from the internal favorites or entering on the keypad. You can also receive, send and delete SMS, receive and delete recent call history. Users can also playback and delete voicemails. Google Voice application user can take calls from different phone other than iPhone.

There may be some issue will rise while using this application but it is advised to user to turn off Multiple sign-in on their Google account in order to avoid thoes issues. Jailbroken users are being told that Cydia-based versions of the software may conflict with the official installment, therefore these people are advised to remove the build targeting hacked devices.

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