Thursday, September 30, 2010

Experience the 3D world in your Living Room with Sony 3D TV

So guys, as technology changes day by day, people may boring with watching traditional 2D TV from years. It's now time to advance into new 3D TV technology. Thanks to Sony, providing this technology, now you can enjoy what you dream about the 3D at your home.

Sony has release several series of 3D TVs which use proprietary high frame rate screens which provide full HD 3D effect in to the living room.  With their new line of 3D Capable TVs, Sony is hoping to win the title of best 3D TV manufacturer. To make it better, Sony announced a wide range of 3D consumer electronic products with there 3D TVs, in an attempt to bring an immersive and high quality 3D experience into consumer’s living rooms.
These consumers include 3D glasses, 3D Sync. transmitter, 3D compatible Blu-ray disc players, 3D capable Vaio PCs and digital cameras.

Here is Some Pros and Cons of Sony 3D TV as observed by the consumers.


Dynamic Colors.
Awesome Picture Quality (Lifelike Image).
Partition the black colors from other colors.
Good Sound


Price is on High side.
You may need to buy 3D glasses for each of your family member to watch the 3D motions.
3D Sync Transmitter is needed to buy.

(Latest 3D TVs have built-in 3D sync Transmitter and a pair of 3D glasses)

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