Monday, September 13, 2010, No.1 IT Blog, (Review)
Founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, TechCrunch first publish on June 11, 2005, and is now Ranked No.1 in Info/Tech Blogs provide all up-to-date information in the field of Information Technology.

Techcrunch is weblog that offer the readers technology news and analysis of products from all major brands, reviewing the new products and companies and profiling the existing companies that have larger impact on IT products.

After the first publication of Techcrunch, in less than one and half year, TechCrunch was drawing several million page views every month and catch the attention of top entrepreneurs and VCs.

Techcrunch is now one of the up-to-dated and more reliable source of infomation about Technology on the Internet. People like to subscribe to it. According to FeedBurner, Techcrunch has more than 4,573,000 RSS feed subscribers.

Here are some information and statistics about made by different Site Ranking an Analysing websites.


Commercial Yes
Type of site Technology news and analysis
Available language(s) English, French, Japanese
Created by Michael Arrington
Launched June 11, 2005
Current status Active

Worth and Revenue

Estimated Worth:

$16.58 Million USD
Est. Monthly
Ads Revenue:
$247706 USD


Alexa Rank 335
Alexa Weekly Rank 364
Alexa Monthly Rank 377
Page Rank 8
US Traffic Ranking 130
Compete Ranking 774
Unique Visitors 20,960,76

Technorati Ranking
Ranking in IT category
(By Technorati)
Technology News
(By Technorati)
Tech Blogs
(By Technorati)
IT News
(By Technorati)
News Blogs
(By Technorati)
(By Technorati)
Computer News
(By Technorati)

Links To Techcrunch

Google BackLinks 38200
Yahoo! Backlinks 2,795,694
Yahoo! Indexes 270,381
Sub-Domains 28

TechCrunch has now grown into a network of technology focused sites, The Crunch Network, which delivers 10 million page views per month from more than a dozen blogs and other websites focused on various technology verticals and geographies.

The Crunch Network

Here are some technology focused site by Crunch Network

CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.

CrunchGear is a blog covering gadgets, gear and computer hardware, run by Editor-in-Chief John Biggs. Its a daily journal of all things gadget tastic.

MobileCrunch obsessively covers the mobile industry. Look for mobile news and reviews on the latest in the mobile communications space. It is edited by Greg Kumparak.

TechCrunchIT Run by Editor-in-Chief Steve Gillmor, TechCrunchIT is dedicated to obsessively profiling products and companies in the Enterprise Technology space. TCIT aims to promote an understanding of emerging and existing Enterprise technologies and to analyze their commercial, social, and consumer impacts.

TechCrunch Europe
TechCrunch Europe is a blog covering Web 2.0 and Mobile start-ups in Europe, and is run by Editor-in-Chief Mike Butcher.

  TechCrunch Francais Covers the web industry in France.

  TechCrunch Japan obsessively covers the web industry in Japan.

  Gillmor Gangs
  The Gillmor Gangs’ provide daily conversation onwhat’s hot in tech and    social media.

TechCrunch TV
After being popular among the people, Techcrunch decied to broadcast their news and reviews on Technology. After months of planning, Learning, hiring and spending time, Techcrunch TV goes ON Air in June, 2010.

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