Friday, August 27, 2010

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with KeyboardLenovo has introduces a latest Remote for thoes who are sick and tired of their long wired keyboards and mouse. This new Remot bring real thrill to your life as it gives you wireless keyboard and mouse together.

Third world countries where still wired keyboard and mouse are in great demand may bring change to their way of using PC. Even heavy wireless keyboards and mouse may also trouble with thier same old design but this remote look is really cool and you can hold it into your one hand. As it has a comfortable design it has QWERTY keyboard with square buttons and all the media control keys you need.
 The remote also has a track ball underneath to allow for control of the mouse pointer as well.

Its connectivity to your HTPC is via a nano size USB receiver and 2.4GHz wireless technology.This remote has range of 10 meters and works with windows 2000, Xp, Vista and Windows 7. Some of the general features of this remote are the it has both mouse (track ball) and 2.4G wireless keyboard, Windows multimedia control, the dimension of this remote is only of a palm size and this remote is compatible with the above mentioned OS. The general name of the model is 57Y6336 and this has a limited period of warranty i.e. one year. The operating temperature range of this remote is 40c – 10c.

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