Monday, August 23, 2010

Mafia II - Game Review

Mafia War 2Mafia 2 is a sequel of third-person shooting action-adventure video game Mafia. After the success of Mafia the game developers "2k Czech" launch its sequel on 24th of august 2010. Mafia 2 is available on windows, PS3, Xbox 360 and onLive.

Game feature a open-ended game map of 10 square miles and above 50 vehicles to use. Many weapons are also available and some are same as they were in Mafia 1, like Thompson MI928, pump action shotgun and Colt 1911. Many World war 2 era weapons are also available which takes you back in past during world war era.

Controls are very much same as Mafia 1 except few good changes like you may have choice to select action buttons of violent action or only action button according to the situation. A cover system is also a new feature which allows you to hide behind objects and kill your enemies.

Original Mafia game had screenplay of 400 page and Mafia 2 had 700 pages. Its graphics are better than last version and gameplay is very smooth. Only minus which we found in this game is its inconsistency. As the game progresses enemies get smarter, weapons get more powerful and flaws you’d previously overlooked become eye-wateringly frustrating.

There are also two downloadable content packs announced for this game. "The Betrayal of Jimmy" for PS3 and "Jimmy's Vendetta" for all three platform.

Mafia 2 wont create a history like grand theft auto but die heart fans of original Mafia game and fans of movie like Godfather must play this game.

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