Thursday, August 26, 2010

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 Beta previewMicrosoft Internet Explorer 9 is the up coming browser version of Internet Explorer web browser. It is under development but developer preview have been released. IE9 is CSS 3 supported web browser which run javascript much faster than its previous versions. It will also support HTML5 video and audio tags.IE9 have some changes in its navigation bar. There's a back button and a combined URL - search box at top. There is no menu items like favorites etc. There will be a new, simplified navigation bar with IE 9 that will leave “more room for the site itself. Click the pins in the address bar or click the site in a new tab and drag it to the taskbar. That’s all. If the site is pinned, it displays an icon that is separate from the Internet Explorer. Now from the website you are just one click.

Another attracting feature which IE9 has added is tear off tabs which firefox and safari already included in their browser. This feature allows users to look at two pages side by side by snapping them to the sides of their screen. To do this users will drag the page in different screen and it will appear next to each other.
New feature "Chakra" introduces by Microsoft in IE9 which take advantage of PC hardware to accelerate graphics performance. Chakra is a new Jscrpt engine and has its separate background thread for compiling JavaScript. IE9 will work on Vista and Windows 7 but not on Windows XP.
Due to the technical improvements, the IE developer team decided to change the user agent string. The Mozilla/4.0 token was changed to Mozilla/5.0 to match the user agent strings of other browsers and to indicate that IE9 is more interoperable than previous versions. The Trident/4.0 token was likewise changed to Trident/5.0. Unlike previous versions, IE9 does not send any of the .NET identifiers or other "post platform tokens" to servers as part of the user agent string.

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